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Social Media

Facebook is a well known social media platform to reach out to our audience. This is really an effective medium for a meaningful interaction with our customers. Be it showcasing our newly arrived products, or be it the medium to throw the offers time to time, we use our Facebook channels extensively on daily basis. Recently we have decided to create an ecommerce store within Facebook so that our fans don’t have to move to website for shopping. They would have a better shopping experience with

Twitter: We are using Twitter channel in more effective ways. We look forward to use this channel not to promote our brand, but also to engage the industry influencers in effective ways. We shall use proper and unique #hashtag for all the campaigns we run. #hastags would help us to track all the discussions across Twitter and will have a scope to respond & engage our fans in a constructive way. Finally, we appreciate tweets on customer support, product feedback and product enquiry. Please use @EthnicDukaan to send tweets to us.

Pinterest: Social media is all about education, information and entertainment. Pinterest users are not a different one from that. Since 80% Pinterest users are women, we use pinterest to generate targeted traffic to We are pretty active in Pinterest creating boards and allied stories on regular basis. We always try to provide a human touch to all the pin boards we create. Apart from traffic generation, we look forward towards sales directly from this particular social network channel.

Tumbler: Tumblr is a blogging and social platform that houses more than 132 million blogs and is among the top 15 websites in the United States. As Tumblr’s target market is United States and 18 to 34 year old females, we use Tumblr to entice our female fans with creative content and to receive valuable feedback from them. In fact we do get lot of help from this micro blogging platform with respect to content marketing and thus branding for our website.